Jio Digital skills training program for woman

jio digital skills training program
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New Delhi : Jio launched new digital skills training program for woman. Jio and GSMAm4d started a nationwide DigitalSkills Program. The program aims to give training to women from rural communities and individuals from marginalized groups to help them make meaningful use of digital access for a better future. As we know we are now living in digital world so without any digital skill we can’t access it. And our every work is now dependent on technology while majority of people living in rural areas. Most of them are unaware about Digital world. Here, Jio is going to play huge role in making them aware. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn with world’s largest company. Definitely it will turn India into a digital revolution.
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Jio digital skills training

Jio digital skills training has been initiated by for women. It is now becoming best free training for women towards digital awareness. Today, everything is shifting directly into a digital world. All the developed countries are taking its advantages but Indian rural areas women are mostly still illiterate.

So Jio has taken this step towards digital revolution across  the countries who are left in the knowledge margin.

jio digital skill training

Woman education on rural areas

According to current data India needs to enhance our Indian women in the field of digital literacy. Data shows that only one third of the countries. It directly points towards from how much efforts we are still lacking. Now Indian government is also focusing on digital literacy on school level. They are offering computer subjects in every classes from primary to higher secondary. It will make educated one for future generation definitely but those who are lacking schooling access or left for some reasons and rest with more ages.

Who is going to think about them. How can we make the literate in short term with low cost or by means of free. Here Private organisation like jio. Jio is playing important role in spreading this digital skill training for women which is absolutely free.

We know that our India’s rural women population covers more than 48 percents. Such a vast number but they are far away from digital world access and knowledge. They are still not aware how to book railway ticket online, air ticket, bus ticket, banking services , online form filling and How to access internet. They are living in a traditional society but system has been transformed into digital era. Even little one knows how to access but they don’t.

So we hope and admire Jio’s efforts towards this transforming phase. It will definitely make some sense in the field of literacy in India which will increase internet active users participation of women from India.

Mostly Indian rural women are considered for homemaker. So they have to depend theirselves on others for such digital requirements. They do it through their son or cyber cafe but if they will become aware then they can instantly access on their own.

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