Make your house fresh with beautiful Money plant with its benefits

Money plant
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New Delhi : Department of Forest and environment shared a post on the official twitter handle concerning money plant. They mentioned money plant is such a plant through which we can purify air inside our home. It has potential to inhale carbon dioxide from surrounding. It releases fresh oxygen for us. On the other hand, It is also used as home decorative plant. So plant it and take all the advantages of this plant in your house.
It makes your interior more beautiful. It’s leaf comes between 7 to 10 centimeter long and its amazing because it can survive with very low light. You can grow it even with any waste bottle.

 Advantages of Money Plant

Money Plant

It purifies air which helps in removing sleeping disorder it provides us oxygen which protects us from anxiety and depression from toxic gases like carbon dioxide. It completely filters.  If we talk about money plants benefits only then it becomes countless. Let’s focus on some of the most essential benefits of it.

We can take more benefits from this plant when we grow it in our indoor rather than outdoor. It is very simple to grow it. It can be grown in a small pot or even bucket and can be kept on the floor or hanging way whatever we would like to do we can.

It helps in removing air pollutants like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, Benzene, and xylene. In this way it works as a natural air purifier not as artificial one.

It also acts as a anti radiator in our home. Harmful radiations from our electronic devices like laptop, tv, mobiles, computers etc it helps to absorb and making environment more human friendly. It helps in reducing our stress level from constantly focusing on our pc which creates our eyes stressful from radiations.

It also shows medicinal benefits. According to experts at least one money plant should be planted near wifi router it can prevent elders from heart attack. It makes children mind anxiety free through fresh environment among polluted one.

We have seen it’s most of the benefits now it’s turn to expose most influencing features that is natural way for home decorating. It gives very beautiful greenary view inside our home while artificial decorative plants cant give real sense of feeling the beauty but it does. leaf of this plant is in almost like heart in shape. When it is kept in a pot it makes a complete combinations.

This is the reason behind sharing this post by department of forest and environment on their official twitter handle account on this occasion to aware people who still don’t know how to grow it and how to take its advantages in own house.

Further they ran a campaign on social media named #moneyplant. Most of sincere people liked it and shared on their own profile while some of them commented on it. Some people retwitted on the post. they have shared a beautiful money plant picture as well.

In the caption they mentioned #moneyplant
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